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Taking care of your boat

  • To keep your boat running smooth and looking its best, keep it waxed, keep it covered and keep it maintained.
  • There are many good waxes. I like 3M products, but most paste waxes for fiberglass will work fine. Try to avoid wash n wax products. You need to get a good coat built up on the fiberglass to protect it from the environment and the sun.
  • To protect it from the sun, i advise the use of a quality made boat cover. Tarps will do the trick, but you can't tow with a tarp and the UV rays destroy them too quickly.
  • If you store your boat during the winter, be sure to add fuel stabalizer to the fuel tank before winterizing. The use of fuel stabalizer is a must even if you don't live up north. If fuel gets more than a few months old, it will go bad and turn to varnish deposits in your fuel system.
  • For proper engine operation, visit engine operation tips .

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