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About our company:

  • MarineSurveysPlus is a marine services company, founded in 2008 by me, Donald Quina. I have been in the marine business for over 40 years. I started in this business in 1978 as an Evinrude outboard and OMC stern drive dealer. In 1982 I expanded the dealership to include a full machine shop facility, since I was deeply involved in outboard racing and high performance engine building. I was one of three machine shop facilities in Dade County serving the marine dealers in south Florida.
  • In 1984 I began a 20 plus year relationship with several other companies who either were in the business of buying and selling boats or were in yacht management. Preferred Boats was one of these companies with whom I partnered. My responsibilities were to inspect prospective vessel purchases, present a cost to repair evaluation to the company and if purchased, complete the repairs at the quoted price. We purchased an average of 350 boats every year, until the owner retired and left the state in 2003
  • Also in 1984, I began a maintenance agreement with a yacht management company in Coral Gables. My responsibilities were to perform scheduled and emergency service on a growing number of vessels around the south Florida area. These vessels ranged in size from the mid thirty foot range to well over seventy foot, both gas as well as diesel powered. This arrangement continued for five years.
  • Having been around the marine industry for as long as I have and having the knowledge I have acquired over the years, makes me uniquely qualified to do what I have done all my life, take care of the needs of my customers. When considering the purchase of a new or pre-owned vessel, you need to ask yourself a simple question, whose opinion do I value more, the person who has physically repaired and serviced boats for over 40 years, or the person who knows what he knows because he took a course, but probably couldn't fix anything on a boat because they never learned how.
  • My service experience has provided insight which otherwise would have not been available. Having performed service for so long, I know the weak and strong points of every major engine on the market. I know what to look for as well as what can be done to improve and prolong the service life of all of them. It takes more than knowing a current condition of a piece of equipment to know how to keep it running for a long time.
    Our contact information: 239-703-3031 or 754-303-8438

With a loyal customer base spanning nearly four decades, I welcome the opportunity to serve you.

Our Other Services:

  • High quality marine repairs on all major brands of outboards, sterndrives, inboards .
  • Custom rigging and accessory installation.
  • Contract yacht maintenance.
  • Brokerage service
  • Pre-Owned vessel sales
  • Vessel locator service.

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    Whether it is for routine maintenance or major repairs, you depend on us to get you out on the water and most importantly, to bring you safely back home. Our relationship is a special one, which is built upon trust and experience. We pride ourselves in the services we provide our customers and openly invite you to join us.