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How to install hydraulic trim tabs

Trim tabs are a great addition to any boat. They allow you to adfust for loads, plane faster and my favorite, to run at slow speed in rough water and be on plane in conditions which without tabs you would have to be off plane. Installation of trim tabs requires a bit of investigation on your part to make a successful installation. The first thing you need to do is find where you will mount the trim tab planes. They must be mounted in a place where they will not interfere with the operation of the engine or sterndrive. They also must be installed in a place where the holes you will have to drill into the transom are accessable and in a place acceptable to you. You want them mounted as far apart as possible as this will give the best performance and not be a safety issue.

With your trim tab plane position decided, take one backing plate and position it on the transom with the bottom edge 1/4" up from the bottom of the hull. Mark the holes in the backing plate. Before drilling any holes in the boats transom, measure the distance the plate will be from the outer chine of the hull then check that tou will be able to install the other plane on the opposite side, the same distance in from the opposite chine and that you will be able to install the hydraulic cylinders in their respective positions without interferance. If all is well, drill and mount the planes on each side of the transom. Temporarily install the hydraulic cylinders on the planes then using a long straight edge, set its position by shimming the trailing edge of each plane 3/8" above the straight edge. Be sure each tab is set the same. Use the template for the hydraulic cylinder to locate the holes you need to drill for it. If you don't have the template, make one. Use teflon tape on the brass fittings which screw into the hydraulic cylinder and go through the tramsom, seal around the tube with 3M 5200 sealant to protect your transom and prevent water leaks. Select a position for the Hydraulic Power Unit pump, noting hose positioning and length required. Run and connect hydraulic hoses from cylinders to HPU. On the front of the HPU you will notice a small P and S above the fittings for the hoses, be sure to connect them correctly, p = port and S = starboard when facing the bow. Next select a position for the electrical switch in the dash then install wiring following the color code on the brass plates on the rear side of the switch. The electrical connects as follows Y = yellow, G = green, B = blue, R = red and orange connects to positive terminal of fuse panel or battery(if using the inline fuse provided). Lastly connect the wire harness to the HPU harness and connect the ground to the negative side of the battery or suitable ground strip. Fill with ATF and test. If you have done everything correctly, pushing the top left side down on the switch will cause the starboard plane to extend down. Please note the position of your trim tab planes in regards to your trailer bunks. Auto retractors are available so you don't have to woory about lfting the tabs if they are mounted over the trailer bunks.

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