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How to perform an inboard oil change

If your boat is not equipped with an oil pumpout, you must manually pump the oil from your engine using either a drill pump or siphon type pump. Be sure to have lots of rags available to clean the bilge after you finish. I always use Mobil 1 motor oil. There is no better oil available. It will protect your engine better than any other oil and it will increase fuel economy. Use an oem or premium type filter designed for your application. It is also a good practice to replace fuel filters at the same time. To drain the engine, connect your pump to the dipstick tube and pump the oil into a container. Place a small container under your oil filter then unscrew and remove it. Put a small amount of oil on the new oil filter's oring seal and install it as per filter instructions. Fill the crankcase of the engine with the new oil. Check your owners manual for capacity, do not overfill. After filling with new oil, start engine and check for leaks, especially at oil filter. If no leaks, clean up and your finished.

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