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How to repair Inboard fuel systems

Inboard fuel systems require that you meet certain standards for coastguard requirements for fire safety. All hoses below deck must be of reinforced fire retardent material. Fire Acol hose, manufactured by Sheilds marine hose is the best choice for inboard applications from the fuel tank to the inlet side of the engine mounted fuel filter. All fuel lines beyond the filter on the engine must be braided composite or metal using compression and flare fittings. This guide is meant for replacement of existing fuel lines between the fuel tank and on engine fuel water seperator to eliminate alcohol damage caused by current fuel chemistry.

To replace your fuel system hoses and add an inboard approved racor fuel filter you will need to purchase an inboard racor fuel filter with a metal bowl. You will also need enough fuel line to replace existing lines, new clamps and fastners to replace corroded or damaged strap fittings. Your fuel lines must be secured to bulkheads or stringers and not allowed to be damaged by sharp edges or make tight bends which could restrict flow. Use new all stainless steel hose clamps and fittings and secure with a nut driver or socket instead of a screwdriver.

Fuel senders are a common project for boat owners. To determine if your fuel sender is defective simply follow this simple test. With the batteries connected, turn the key switch on and note the needle movement of the fuel guage. The guage needle should move. If no movement is noted whwn the key switch is turned on, go to the fuel sender, located on the fuel tank and ground the insulated terminal with the pink sender wire connected to it. When you ground the terminal to a good battery ground, the fuel guage needle should move to the full position. If it doesn't, your guage or wiring are defective. If it moves to full, then your fuel sender in the tank is defective and must be replaced. To replace a fuel sender, You will need to remove the existing sender and measure the depth of the tank to purchase the correct sender. Follow the installation instructions provided with the new sender as they will vary from sender to sender.

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