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  • Things you need to know about fuel filters, additives and why.:

    Fuel has been causing major damage to engines of all makes and models, due to the ethanol content. Today's fuel filters are clogging up after only 50 hrs of use as water in the tank emulsifies and clogs the filter or engines fuel system if it reaches it. Most engine manufacturers have introduced 10 micron filters to their fuel accessory line which will save the engine from damage by capturing the emulsified fuel contaminant before it reaches the engines fuel system. This is resulting in a lot of engine problems due to lack of fuel reaching the engine. If you want your equipment protected, you will need to monitor your fuel quality and keep a new filter handy. You should have your boat maintained regularly. We can take care of your equipment at affordable rates  , just Call or text us at 239-703-3031 / 754-303-8438 to schedule service.
  • Our main concern is keeping your equipment running. To accomplish this, you need to have a clean fuel supply. Of all the fuel filters on the market, none can get close to the capabilities of a Racor brand fuel/water seperator. These fuel filters will filter particles out of your fuel which are half the size of what a standard canister filter will let pass through. The outboard versions will allow you to see water in the clear bowl below the element, so you can remove it. All have easily accessable drain petcocks. They are made to fit all OEM fuel filter heads from Mercury and OMC as well as their own high flow head. If you are not using a racor filter in your boat, change it today.
  • As far as fuel additives are concerned, unless you have an inboard or I/O, the only additive you can use is an OEM specified fuel stabalizer. Never use alcohol based additives to remove water from your fuel if you have an outboard powered boat. Todays two stroke outboard engines and the lubricants they use in their oil injection systems are not compatable with alcohol based additives. These additives will prevent oil from forming a protective film on the internal parts of your engine, resulting in internal engine damage. Many OEM's are now manufacturing synthetic oils and lubricants which are better at mixing with alcohol, but i would advise you to stay away from these additives.
  • As of the past few months, most gas stations have switched to an ethanol blended fuel with not more than 10% alcohol. If you have an older 2 stroke outboard on your boat, ask your dealer if you can use it with your engine and the oils you currently use. Another problem with using alcohol based fuels in your boat is that alcohol will break down all rubber components in your fuel sytem, resulting in fuel related failures. There are fuel lines available today which a resistant to alcohol and if your boat is not so equipped, you should speak to your dealer about having your boat retro fitted for these new fuel lines.

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