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Fuel Tank Wiring

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Fuel tank wiring consists of deciding the type and application your guages utilize. There are two types of senders available. The older Analog type and the newer digital sender. If you have new engine(s) with digital guages with computer linkage between engine computer and guages use digital sender otherwise use analog. Both types use the Pink wire as the sender wire. A black ground wire is connected to the tank for grounding. Pink wire must run independant and unbroken between sender terminal or wire and s terminal on fuel guage. Use a purple jumper to connect 12 volt power lead between another guage B+ terminals and battery terminal on fuel guage. Connect engine ground wire jumper between ground terminal on fuel guage and ground terminal on another guage in the series of guages. It is recommended that a ground wire be added to the grounding bus bar and the tank to insure proper grounding.

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