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Fuel System Repairs

Over the past ten years the boating industry has undergone major changes in service anyalysis and diagnostics. The EPA had changed recommended fuels. They had required new designs of fuel supply hoses to best suit the use of the new ethanol fuels. What they did not know was the massive effects ethanol had on marine engines by the massive introduction of new fuel issues. Ethanol at first was known to have issues with destabilization and phase shifting. Then new additives were created to combat these issues. Then new issues became apparent. Water. Alcohol based fuels used in vented fuel tanks allowed direct contact with the atmoshere. This direct contact allows alcohol to do what alcohol always has done, absorb moisture! Etanol fuel can hold up to 30% water by volume in suspension. What does that mean? It is not seperating out of fuel it passes through filters and flows directly into the engines fuel system. Todays engines are much more electronic fuel injected than ever in the past. These type fuel systems utilize fuel to both cool and to lubricate internal surfaces of electric fuel pumps. Water cools but is a poor lubricant and fuel pumps passing contaminated fuels have rampant pump failures.

It does not matter what type engine is in your boat if electric fuel pumps are an integral part of fuel supply that is the first part that will strand you.

Secondly, Fuel lines must be fuel specific. Ethanol fuels will destroy non lined fuel lines and cause internal clogging of the fuel system. Use of Rec90 fuel in ethanol lined fuel lines will immediately melt the liner and shut fuel supply off before you get out of the channel. What to do?

Today ethanol fuels are highly discouraged and rec fuels should be your only choice. You need new fuel lines which are compatable with the use of rec90 fuels. Replace them from tank pickup all the way into the engine or to connector at the engine. Use and replace onboard water seperating fuel filters and change them at minimum twice annually.

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